Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dinner at Aneka Rasa

Da beautiful seat arrangements
Daging masak rendang
Roasted chicken wiv Thai Sauce
Curry Fish
Mixed Vege wiv oyster sauce
Kerabu Mangga
Sambal belacan & ulam-ulaman
Corn soup
Bingka Keladi
Bingka Susu
Coffee & Tea

Had da anniversary dinner at Aneka rasa..Da foods was good really good..n da service was great too..we dont have to seek and ask dem to pour da water over and over hence da services is good..

Here, i would like to take da opportunity to THANKX all da management of Aneka Rasa and who eva involve in decoratin, arrangin, cookin and everythin for da great nyte..also a BIG HEARTFUL THANKS for da HONESTY where by wen i accidentally left ma phone, dey call mababe up and ask to take ma phone at da counter..I wont b holdin ma phone now if its not bcause of deir honesty..


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