Friday, September 4, 2009


Its our 14th day of fastin today as of 4th September..its friday and im feelin damn bored stayin at place to go and no one to go with..stayin in KB sometimes is supposed to be a day wen mababe n me go out for a walk, shoppin, eatin and pamperin one another but y make an exclusion today?SIGH..

I hate blamin one another but its ok if im to be blamed..i keep on sighin today and honestly ma fastin is very bad today..macam inda puasa jua rasanya with all da marah2, sasak, sakit hati n all sort of feelins..URGHHHH..

Anyway congrates to mababe for celebratin her 7th years bein a teacher dis month..c how fast time flies and inda kerasaan 7th years sudah menjadi sure u can bare about all da keindahan and kesusahan menjadi seorang guru..

I think dats it for ma postin dis tym..SIGH..Treasure da 1 u luv lyk der aint any tomorrow..*Luv Ya Boo*

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