Friday, September 11, 2009


Assalammualaikum..Its more den 20days of puasa as of today 12th September..n alhamdulillah everythin has been well as n mababe went to Rizqun to break our fastin and its worth it and da foods is great..had ambuyat, hatibuyah twice, bubur lambuk, ma fav sayur cangkok manis and much more..It was our first sungkai out for da 2 of us only..hehehe..before sungkai, we managed to catch a movie Ugly was fascinatin and we also bumped into Aneng & Lisa before dey went in to watch Tsunami movie and while aneng shoppin 4 tudung raya hehe and also bumped into shopaholic and gamerholic at The Mall afta sungkai..

Had a great night out wiv mababe though sumthin unwanted came lil shoppin for raya and alhamdulillah ada orang sanggup memotong baju kami raya ehehe for first raya g 2 hahahah kepisan..will be sendin our kain tomorrow at The Mall before headin to Airport for our mini vacation to KK..jangan inda membuang stress and merasa ramadan di negara orang..i mean da suasana d rantau..

Other than that, hari raya preparation is simple dis year..nothin fancy..kuih2 raya pun simple saja and minuman raya pun alum bebali coz ma dad aint here yet in Brunei as he will be comin home on da 17th Sept..Cant wait for him to be back in Brunei..Kinda miss him around too..

At da same time, if nada halangan afta fetchin ma dad on da 17th, we will have a family sungkai outin wiv all da families balah ma mum n as well celebratin Ngangah's Birthday at Amanah Arip Jerudong..Wish us safe flight and many shoppin hehehe..

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa and Tingkatkan lah amalan di 10 hari terakhir for lailatul qadar..insyallah amalan kita akan dlipat gandakan AMIN..

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