Friday, September 4, 2009


Heya..its saturday n i can smell freedom for da weekend heheh..will be off till monday since its a public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quraan..anyway yesterday doesnt seems good for me but today im sure it will be much better den yesterday..

Will be meetin mababe today n she will fetch me over since we will be goin back n sleep over at ma place tomorrow till tues..n again tues n wed will be ma turn sleepin over at mababe's house since we will be havin dinner at I-Lotus wiv da ND/COM/02 and wed wiv ma cuzies but too bad ma 2 sistas cant join us since ma dad is not around n leavin ma mum alone is totally a bad idea..but i will spare sometyms to bring dem out once ma dad return from China..perhaps another cuzies sungkai dinner..

Im sure mababe is waitin for her preezie for her 7th years bein an educator and im sure u noe wen u will get it ryte babe!hehehe..juz another week to go and we will b celebratin it..yehaaa..

Last tues we had sungkai wiv stargazers..not all cud turned up but dis tym alhamdulillah more den usual..da venue was at Deli Nutreesh Telanai which is just behind da VW showroom..Perperson is $10.80 if im not we arrived at Deli Nutreesh we were surprised dat Aneng's reservation had been cancelled n he told aneng dat she had call n made a cancellation..How can dat be true?she din even received any call from dem askin bout da confirmation instead aneng had called twice for da reconfirmation..luckily ders still a seats vacant to accomodate us elz??

Also da same week but Wednesday, we had another sungkai buffet wiv mababe's colleagues at Orchid Garden Hotel which cost $21.80 perperson..da foods was amazin and wat i realised was its a bit lesser compare to previous year or its just me!hehehe..da main course was great also da cucurs but unfortunately i din have da chance to eat da porridge..too bad..

Will upload pixs soon ayt guys..enjoy readin and selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa..

To u..Thanks babe for everythin..i mite be stubborn but ders always a way how to break an ice..*Heart U*

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