Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Its been 3 days afta our long weekend holidays and resume workin da next day is so hard for me hehehe..but work is still important overall..i do admit dat sumtyms i feel reluctant to go to work but i always bare in mind if i dun go to work i wont have a steady income..

So forget bout dat..last Monday i brought ma mum, mababe and ma 2 sistas out for sungkai at Serikandi Restaurant KB..its $11.90 perperson and i found out its kinda not worth it..da range of foods is not much..da mango syrups aint bein refilled and i think da place is bit crowded due to da tahlil ceremony goin on durin dat nyte at da restaurant itself..

Other than that, our so called reunion dinner wiv ma SVSB mates was a succesed..Alhamdulillah..all was invited except Lia couldnt join us for da dinner..well ders owez next tym babe..Our venue was at I-Lotus which is $16.80 perperson..

Im lookin forward for small cuzies sungkai dinner..Erma aka Fern, Ejan and Amat will joinin me and mababe..will have it either at Atrium or Li-Gong Empire Hotel depends on da foods varieties and type of cookin..

Brought ma baby sunny for an alignment yesterday and alhamdulillah its much better now..drivin at ma comfort n lookin forward to change da tyres maybe next year since its still in a very good condition based on da tyres expert..

Will be off soon to Tutong for hospital appointment today..mababe will accompany me as always and hope ma appointment dis tym will be sumthin good..AMIN..

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