Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin especially to ma luvly families, friends and readers out der..not forgettin to mababe and her family too..Halalkan semua makan and minum, segala terkasar bahasa, menyinggung hati and perasaan and much more..

Dis is da first year mababe and family celebratin without da eldest brother and beloved babah..i still remember if we go to mababe's house for hari raya, he will neva failed to smile and welcome us wiv his open heart..i juz missed to see his cheerful face and his smile so bad..Last year hari raya was ma first and last wen i hug him and kiss him on his cheek and forehead..

I noe its been quite for da celebration and its not even his 100 days..but life must go on no matter wat..Alfatihah to mababe's babah HJ ALI BIN RAHIM and bro ISMAIL BIN HJ ALI..

Its da 3rd day of raya now and its been so tirin and hectic heheh..went to 7 houses durin da 1st raya and 16 houses yesterday..today we will be welcomin guests, families and friends to come over da whole day and also is da first day workin..nothin special happenin at da office besides den few colleagus is on leave and quite..

To all da drivers out der drive safely and smart..dont hesitate to use ur indicator while changin da lanes and so on..*Ingatlah orang yang tersayang*

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