Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Reopen

Its da 8th day celebratin hari raya as of today and also 1st day of workin day for all da teachers..Happy workin day teachers and happy schoolin day for all da for da traffic today, i expect it to be hectic but alhamdulillah, it went well and smoothly

Hari raya had been great so far..byk jejak kasih dis year when long lost cuzens, aunties, uncles and families came over and met us..Went to few stargazers member houses yesterday startin from amoy's house den ejah kaka and endup at budeh's house wer we stayed bout an hour and da half..heheh..hope budeh dun mind..*winkz*

Other than that, congrates to mababe for da great appraisal performance..keep it up ayt boo..may u b da best teacher and upgrade urself in da near future..AMIN..

Im so bored in da office doin nothin..wana do ma work but da boss is not around hehe so better take da chance to 'menyanang' hehehe..been cravin to eat sushi so bad but den been so busy with da Hari Raya and work..maybe dis week insyallah..

So guys take good care now..

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