Monday, November 2, 2009

LiL Shoppin

Da popcorn poppin in da microwave

Went to Supasave Seria last Monday before i headed back home afta ma inspection..It was a very hot sunny day and i was thirsty at first so i stopped by just to grab a drink..unfortunately, since its been a while since da last tym i went to Supasave, so i decided to browse around..brought maself an Oat cookies, Johnsons shower bath for mababe, Sunkist orange juice and POPCORN..i always wanted to do-it-maself popcorn n i found it..

So when i got back home, i prepared lunch since ma sis has been workin now so im da 1 who will be incharge in all da cookin n preparin lunch if im available..afta lunch me n ma youngest sista gave a shot in makin da was fun and experimental hahaha..our first attempt was kinda failed but yet not bad at all for a starter..well da pictures can tell u more..

Will improve maself again in all terms..all da best to me..

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