Monday, November 9, 2009

Appreciation & THANK U

First of all thanks to everyone who was involved lastnyte for da surprised bday celebration..seriously mababe did a great job on dat dis year..special thanks to Amoi & Nana for da cakes and crowns also Ebih, Emil, Aneng, Lisa, Adeey & Mul..i din expect we gona have Italian foods for dinner and its NEW..i was expectin seafuds or havin nasi or noodles but again yeah its Italian Nyte i entered Capers wiv mababe, first thing i saw was da balloons so i expect yeah its ma bday so its a lil bday mood der n secondly i saw sumthin movin at da glass windows n i noe it was DEM..hahahha but still i was surprised coz wen i realized and still curious dey shouted n sang a bday song..hmm its 3 version of bday song which is normally 4 includin da Chinese version but dey aint singin dat version incase dey might sing it wrongly..C how happenin dey r n great to have dem around..

I luv da CAKE..its from DQ and its ICECREAM & OREO and im luvin it sooooo damnnn muchhh heheh..tx again 2 Amoi & Nana also many thanks to mababe..i luv da foods as well n of all I LUV DEM..Luvin da surprises and i love da surprised pix by Aneng lastnyte..heheh tx 26th officially 2day and im lookin 4 a better lyf, better health, better wealth and much more..

For one thing dat im grateful with in dis world is dat im surrounded by ma lovely families, friends and colleagues..families & friends will be always with me tru ma ups & downs..friends to share ma happiness & sadness..*hugz*

At a different side of da story, last 4th Nov me n mababe went to Mangrove and stayed for a was a marvellous stay for relaxin and an escape from our busy dat nyte me, mababe, aneng, lisa, nana, napi, adeey, mul, ebih, emil, budeh, ejah, ading & jul had dinner at Mangrove Paradise Resort Restaurant..we had SEAFOODS for dinner and its all worth it..we had prawns, crabs, fish, veges, chickens and plain rice and costs us only $280 for 14paxs..WORTH RYTE??also dat nyte we threw out a surprised bday to LISA and graduation celebration to ADEEY & EBIH..congrates gurls and happy belated to lisa..

For da foods review at Mangrove is great for da seafuds BUT A BIG NO NO for da DIMSUM sets..but haven’t try others yet..da dimsum is no no guys again & im emphasizing NO NO..da watermelon juice is very nice indeed..very juicy eheheh..

Another thing happened was dat me n mababe was disappointed coz we din get da ticket from Abacus Travel Fair..we call Ken Travel and asked and it was negative..afta da phone call, i grabbed ma lappy and browse tickets to Spore via again we were disappointed by da fares dis was $480 pperson and its not worth it..wiv a heavy heart i decided to take a break from browsin tickets from all da airlines which was Malaysia airlines and Singapore airlines..took ma shower, watchin da tv n again i decided to check on da tickets for da 2nd tym and dis tym Alhamdulillah with different dates and goin back earlier to Brunei we were able to find a cheaper one which was only $305pperson..without wastin tym, we purchased da tickets ryte away..again Alhamdulillah for da confirmation of our tickets and hotels..n wat more important is dat mababe is excited for our trip to Singapore..she has a thing for goin der actually due to da same exchange rate with us so she aint fancy goin to Singapore but it was 5 years back since da last tym i brought ma family n us der..n im SUPER DUPER EXCITED..

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