Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just another DAY

Heya guys..hows ur day so far?feelin gud?hope feelin bit better 2day compare to yesterday n feelin GREAT da day before yesterday..hehehe..wat have i been up 2?oh well nothin birthday DAY was dull which was was totally such a borin day hahaha but alhamdulillah mababe has brighten ma day last Monday..n today ma parents decide to bring me out for family dinner..HELLO ma bday was yesterday n it is much appreciated if we can have da dinner yesterday..but again its ok, im fine, im good, n i HAFTA be understandin..

Forget bout da sad part of ma story n now da good 1..naaaa..not really actually..went to Tutong Hospital 2day for da blood test and ma appointment will be next week which is on da sure ive another additional reader today or maybe tomorrow hehehe..anyway enjoy readin ma darlin ahaha..

Had a great mornin, TUNA TOAST breakfast n ICE LEMON TEA ;p while da other half had mee mamak..i really had a great mornin wiv u darlin though it might be only an hour + but its better den nothin grateful in a make more improvement heheh hmm..9 years?*pandai pun jeles* hahaha

Other than that, had lunch wiv mababe today at Big Papa's havin Nasi Ayam while waitin for 130pm to strikes for our appointment with our agent..prayin dat everythin will goes smoothly AMIN..

Enjoy ur lyf to da fullest peepz while u still can..Thanks for all da bday greetins..*hugz*

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bangrudy said...

hAppy birthdAy sisTer. sElamat ulaNg tAhun.