Monday, November 16, 2009

Congrates & Birthday

Its ma 2nd week now workin at ma new far so good..had been hectic week durin ma 1st week but now its been relaxin..i'd sort all ma works based on da priority level and alhamdulillah i managed!Of all time management is important..

Me & Mababe would like to congratulate ADING & JUL for deir engagement day last weekend which was on da 15th November 2009 at Tutong..Semoga jodoh berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..AMIN..also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dearest fren NANA which is 2day 16th November 2009..thanks for da treat na! also another 4 more days for EMILO's birthday which happen to be da same day with ma cuzy RIYAH..hmmm..da treat will be at Swensen kan bih & mil hehehhe..since u guys luvs Swensens so much..;p and kayah will be treatin us at Tarindak kan kayah?heheh

I din feel good dis few body feel weak and ache durin nyte tym n i had a sleepless nyte, cold, migraine & runnin nose as econ temperature is 22 every nyte n ma blanket is ma best mate as for now..ryte now i really need to get da snugies which is 1 of da best sellin items as for now..

I wana upload pictures for wat had happened lately but damn lazy to do so..hehehe..maybe by end of this week insyallah but again no promises coz i will be busy with da Netball Guru2 Daerah Tutong dis Friday..if u guys have a facebook den it will be easy for u to view all da pictures coz its easy to upload it der compare to blogger..or otherwise i can post da link here for u guys to view da pictures if u aint have a facebook account..

Ive been talkin alot lately, coz i wana keep ma blog alive hahaha..btw if u guys have any suggestion on wer to dine-in which is halal do let us noe by droppin by at ma shoutbox..thanks in advance..

Im lookin forward for ma next appointment dis Wed and really hope for good things to guys drive safely while ure on road and remember dat ure always be love..*huGz*

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