Monday, November 2, 2009

Shoppin & Swensens

Ma Meguiars Car Care ProductsStorage for a Meguiars Products
Mababe's Glasses
Mababe's Choc Crunch
Extra Butter Scotch
Banana Crumble with yam icecream on top

Last friday me n mababe went to Michelin Gadong for baby honda's balancin and car alignment..while waitin for baby honda to be done, we went to have lunch at Gadong usual da same menu will be ordered by mababe which is her current fav is Ayam Penyet from Pondok Seri Wangi but mind u guys its damn HAWWWTT..

Once baby honda had done from da treatment and finished our lunch, we den headed to The Mall n had Choc Cruch for mababe and Banana Crumble for maself..also bought some tudungs for daily use..besides den The Mall, we also went to IKEA to buy a storage for ma Meguiar Car Products which costs me $90 for da car products and $20 for da storage and also 5boxes of glasses for future use..luv doin da shoppin and damn satisfied..hehehe

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