Saturday, November 14, 2009


Its Sunday and im stuck at home doin nothin..shud it be lyk dis for da weekend?im so bored and tired..also today is an engagement day for Ading & Jul..Congratulation to both of dat u guys had one step ahead, dugaan will be more and juz bare with it..without dugaan lyf wont be meaningful..sorry i cudnt come ma fren and insyallah we wont miss ur weddin day..anyway all da best babe..

Had a blast lastnyte durin da Doa Selamat function at Soto Rindu Sengkurong..Thanks for invitin us uwa..i wish we can spend more tym togetha cuziesss..discussion pun inda abis semalam a2 and we havent come up with any final ans on wer, wen n wat to do..da neighbour is havin a BBQ ryte now as im typin dis n it smells so damn gud..damn starvin now and waitin for ma sis to cook me Mee Goreng IndoMie..

Also, yesterday ma parent treat us at Tarindak a'Seni for ma belated bday trunch..alhamdulillah sampai jua kesana finally..lunch buffet ends at 230pm so we missed it and had ala carte..We had Nasi Ayam, Nasi Goreng, Fish & Chips, Cendol and Roti Dayang..da service was kinda slow though we were da only 1 who dine-in at dat tym but at da same tym we manage to have a good laughter, good talk and overall a great catchin up with da family..mababe & aleeya were also der to join us..

In terms of pricin, it was reasonable and lookin forward for our next dinner or maybe breakfast or lunch back home kinda late but as i arrived home, ma eyes just cudnt shut..menyamal-ish i think n i endup sleepin at 2am..DARN..

Last Friday me n mababe went to was our day out if der isnt any functions or events..Had our breakfast earlier at Tudung Saji KB with ma parents and ma youngest sista also mababe den headed to Bdr to catch 2012 movie..all i can say is it was EXCELLENT, SUPERB and of all its our MOVIE OF DA YEAR..we are givin a verdict of AA++..c how great da movie was dat day..

Afta movie, we went to SCR express at Gdg..da nasi ayam was even better before da renovation..maybe dey have a new cook coz da foods aint taste as good as before AGAIN..but alhamdulillah kanyang lah jua parut..

Thanks to mababe for da great day togetha baby..really appreciate it *huGz*

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