Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Time, Great Friends

Its ma 2nd day of workin at Road Section today..Enjoy?Its still da same environment..Scared?Yeah..maybe with da management coz we aint sure what and how dey will manage us..durin ma 1st day, i was asked to prepare da quotation for da grasscuttin but to ma surprise, da format is different from ma previous unit..i hope i wont have any difficulties in da new section coz wat ive been doin before can help me alot..

Other than that, ma weekend was so so..but i can say dat its such a bad day for me..firstly when we took baby Honda afta a wash, we realised dat da car was not clean!!second..we headed to index and ikea and found out dat da box dat i aimed for has finished!!thirdly and fourth mababe knew it better and lastly had a VERY BAD gastric but thanks to mababe to be around me when i need u most..

Just got back home from hitea with da gurls..Adeey, Nana, Amoi, Aneng, Mababe n maself at Faize Tutong..had a good catched up and we will be meetin each other and a larger group again tomorrow for our dinner at Mangroves Paradise..cant wait for tomorrow..also we, well me especially is also damn nervous bout tomorrow..not bout da dinner but related to our tickets confirmation..hopin we can go to Singapore since we din have any hope to go to Brisbane dec..but if der still no tickets available den our vacation will be KK only dis dec..frustrated will be da best word to describe it if it happen..

Anyway i would like to wish Happy advance bday to LISA also FAUZIAH aka POOH for deir upcomin bday which is tomorrow and also Happy belated bday to Ajis..semoga dipanjangkan umur, dmurahkan rezeki and success lead ur way AMIN..i think dats it for now..will update again some other time..have a pleasant day people..

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