Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hellew u..hows ur weekend dis week?great?borin?hehe as for me its kinda bored n yeah its borin..ive been watchin da Tsunami Thai Version movie, eat, fb, blog, eat and post dis tym will be bout sure every1 has a fren or frenss..doesnt matter bout da gender or special or even ordinary fren but we do have frens ryte..frens come and go and good besties frens stay if ure in need..a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen every of ur sighin and sum1 who can be der always..

How can we actually judge wetha our fren is really a good 1 or a bestie?is it da matter of tym we noe one another or who eva ur frens are dey are all ur bestie?ive alot of friends and i noe ma circles of frens who will be always der 4 me or who is simply 2 FACES which im sure u guys know dat in front of us dey will be hell good for u n support u but at ur back they acted lyk a SHIT, BACK STABBER & said all da opposite things dat dey had mention it infront of u..SIGH..

I duno y suddenly ive in mind to post about dis grateful dat ive GREAT FRENS..and i dun wan any of my frens 2 b backstabber 2wards me or mababe..i will appreciate if u guys can talk directly to me regardless bout our feelins bout da matter instead of sayin it behind our back..if u guys hate da way i treat u or hate wateva decision i made or suggestin den stand for ur ryte 2!ure free to talk anythin or to suggest anythin n u dun hafta AGREE on wateva decision..

I dislike wen u agreed at da 1st place den talk shit bout da matter afta decision had been made!!SAY YES if u really mean it n NO if u simple as dat ryte!i wont bite ur ass for bein honest instead dat will be much much appreciated..

EMO ME!!anyway one thing KARMA is a bitch..if u treat ur frens gud den ur frens will treat u gud 2..LOVES and HATES will collides but wen more love in ur heart, it will overcome everythin..TRUST a good fren and help one another if each of us r in need of doesn’t matter how long do u noe one another but its about how u can keep one another close regardless of durations..

BESTIES doesn’t please u but instead dey criticize u to be better..
BESTIES doesn’t wait for ur phone call but dey will call u juz 2 say hello..
BESTIES doesn’t wait to bring u out but dey will simply crash ur place and hangout..
BESTIES doesn’t care much not to hurt u coz dey will say things out and work things out 2getha..
BESTIES loves u more den deir own family..
BESTIES doesn’t cover ur ass much wen u did wrong but dey will be always with u along da healin process..
BESTIES will be always be BESTIES regardless of time..

So guys love ur friends around u coz sometimes dey will be der 4 us more den our own soul..dey give u love, dey give u soul and someone 2 hold 2..LUV U GUYS..*hugz*

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