Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another 1

Im feelin work to do and da office is still under table is now facin da main door which is totally ridiculous..who eva comes in will go directly to me and ask wer s im not da 1 who shud entertain dem but im still good with doesnt caused me much trouble except wen im busy doin ma work n suddenly someone came to me and ask dat will pissed me off a bit..wen ideas is der and im givin 150% of concentration on ma work it will simply TURN OFF..

Da office is chaotic due to da renovation n wat i realised is da workers incharge will only come twice a week which is on Friday & Sunday 1 side its fine but at da other side, bilatah kan siap kerja drg a2?n wen can we work in peace?

Alhamdullillah ma leave had been approved n YEAHHHH i can have ma vacation in lookin forward for ma vacationnnsss..who wudnt?will be off to KK first with ma family n ma dad's bestie den me n mababe will be headin to SPORE for another Just-Da-2-Us vacation hehe..

Early tonight, we were celebratin Farah's Birthday..a small doa selamat for her and every1 also doa tolak bala..its her 10th birthday..also special thanks to mababe for another bday cake!! 2 cakes so far n lookin for more cakes hmmm..another 4 maybe.. *temaha* i din expect i wud have another bday cake but den I DID!So again HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME..

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