Monday, November 23, 2009

Better Weekend

Weekend passed so quickly and now its a new week again..roughly 3 days left for school holidays and all teachers and students are lookin forward for it..its a month long awaited holidays dat dey are waitin for hehehe..its time to relax and of all its a vacation tym for family..

Ma weekend is kinda better dis week compare to previous weeks..we went out at 10am to KUKUBA KB for our manicure & pedicure..den off for lunch at Excapade KB with ma 2 sistas and Faiz..headed to SoonLee Pandan 7 to buy some prezzies for outstandin students den off again to KUKUBA for whole body massage..

As mababe had a body massage at KUKUBA, i had ma body massage at home..i feel really GREAT and its been 5years since ma last body massage..i was in so much pain..REALLY PAIN..banyak angin as wat da indon lady told me..yang baiknya dis indon lady ada membaca ayat2 alquraan untuk menaikan peranakan..SAKITTTT BANGETTT seriously..but feel really damn gud afta peranakan kana naikan..ALHAMDULILLAH..

Mababe had another session of menaikan peranakan at home coz at Kukuba dey don’t have dat sort of services..extra $10 was charged to mababe for da half an hour massage..mababe feels much better now afta da whole body massage and menaikan peranakan..n now im prayin for her speedy recovery, hopin dat her knee will be back to square 1 n can walk better..*Prayin*

Ive lots of pixs yet to upload..another 3 events and also da JAPSER netball tourney which was held last Friday..Congrates to Aneng, Amoi & Ejah’s Team for gettin first, Adeey’s Team for comin second and Third place for Mababe’s Team..congratulations to every1 and it was a great game to watch..Besides den da tournament, da foods is damn marvellous..its simple and worth it also not forgettin to da person incharge of da prezzies, dey did a good job too in chosen all da prizes..*Thumbs Up*

Ders another 1 thing which i kinda aint satisfy for now but not sure wetha its confirmed or not..but as for now its CONFIRMED dat our bonus for government servants will be on 28th Dec 2009..our vacations start from 22nd Dec n our bonus is on da 28th??hmmm..imagine dat!!sigh..besides den ma point of view, dun u guys think dat it will be a hectic week for all parents buyin books, clothes and all sort of school preparations..SIGH..WHY o WHY??maybe for dem who made da decision wont think much bout it..maybe dey dun have any small child to take care off or maybe if dey do, dey have more money in deir account since da government is payin dem more den 10k permonth..

Be considerate at da first place, n think of others who has a smaller salary..4th Jan is a week away afta bonus was given..sampatkah parents kan buatkan & bli pakaian, buku, stationeries & all sorts of things?lets pray for da bonus to come out earlier den da date bein told..AMIN..

For all da bday celebrants, HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY & HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to u guys..Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki and sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah sentiasa..longevity and may Allah bless u always AMIN..

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